LUNA mini - Cool Grey

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We recommend cleansing with the LUNA mini’s 3-zone brush for 1 minute, morning and night.
Dampen your face, apply your favorite cleanser (either on your face or on the unit directly) and then wet the brush surface.
Turn on your mini by pressing the center button.
The device will pause every 15 seconds, this is indicating that it is time to move to another area of your face.
After 1 minute the device will pulse 3 times and the indicator light will emit a steady glow.
Turn off your device, and rinse your face and the device.
The "How-To" on the adjusting the intensity of your mini - make it yours:
The LUNA mini’s cleansing intensity is adjustable for comfort.
1. Press the center button once to turn on your LUNA mini. When activated, it will be in high-intensity Cleansing Mode.
2. Press the center button a second time to put it in low-intensity Cleansing Mode.
3. Press the center button a third time to deactivate your LUNA mini.
See Basic User Manual for full details on charging and usage for your LUNA mini - Cool Grey.
Contents: LUNA mini, USB Charging Cord, User Manual and Authenticity Card
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